Pink in Portugal | Week 1

Lisbon / 5PM

Lisbon / 5PM

Market / Tulips for love

Market / Tulips for love

Albufeira / silhouettes

Albufeira / silhouettes

As it is / Albufeira / Algarve

As it is / Albufeira

Pastel / Street stroll

Pastel / Street stroll


Street art / Sunshine

Street art / Sunshine





With a massive hangover from drinking 10 bottles of mini alcoholic beverages from 10am in the morning, Lauren and I landed in Lisbon with pounding heads and excited hearts.

From there, the Algarve was next up on our destination list.

We caught the bus straight from Lisbon through to Portimao which was to be our home for the next 2 and a half weeks.

From there we moved to next door the neighbouring city, Albufeira (literally a 5 minutes drive away) and stayed in a beaut beach front apartment for the following week and a half. Yeah, we were living the dream.

Portugal is filled with such incredible beauty, beauty I honestly never expected to find. The houses and the street art there is mind-blowing.

The above images are a few from my first week in the town.

Note: Portugal LOVES their pastels. You’ll soon see.

Summer, sunshine, sand and art.

What more could you ask for?


S, x


Chloé bringing the heat



Autumn / Winter 15 campaign. It’s out. In film.

Can you deal? I sure as hell can’t.

First timing a video ad, the short film stars Sasha Pivovarova and Andreea Diaconu in a convertible in upstate New York.

Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the official short film is only being released come August 1.

I’m done. AND dying to check it out.

For now, here’s a taster of the printed ad. Those shades / that RING / them coats.

Chloe baby, you’ve got me here




A loss of a lover, my best friend and soul mate.

However, we need to learn to deal with failings of the heart, and I’m getting through it.

Before I left for Europe, my boyfriend of 3 years literally broke my soul. I’m learning.

I find writing such a beautiful outlet to express one’s feelings and it is, of course, something I love to do.

I have cried rivers of tears for, and over,  this human


Lagos, Portugal / Street Art

My body aching for his touch once again. One more moment of his eyes upon mine. One more moment of us in ecstasy of one another’s love. To capture stars and the moon and sun as it rises and brings a new day.

However, my love has moved on, and in doing so, I have learnt that for my heart to truly heal, I need to do the same.

This is not the last post of feelings spilled upon pages. Oh no.

It’s called healing and a process and tearing feelings apart to deal with the motions.

It’s called love.

S, x

Back in le blogger game



OKAY, so, as you know I went on a little adventure to Europe, which was the best experience of my life

It was also a major learning curve and a lot of things changed in my life

(However, there shall be a post to follow outlining the changes in my life)

There is absolutely no way that I can begin to describe my adventure in a singular post.

And so, among all the posts to follow of design, culture and the usual usual, I’m going to give you a little taste of my European dream.

Oh, and I’m moving to THE BIG APPLE baby in January. Yes, it’s going to be fabulous

S x

Dazed & Confused Fashion Video Gods

Okay, so I’ve got this thing for Dazed & Confused Digital. I’m kinda obsessed with their work from fashion to art to Instagram.

These people are freaking art-minded, creative geniuses.

So let’s talk about their Fashion Videos. Mind blowing. Their latest features front girl for their April 14 issue, Scarlett Johansson, in what can only be described as a seductive photographic fashion explosion.

It’s not up on their YouTube channel as of yet, but you can check it out here.

For now you’ve got a little taster of the types of fashion vids they’re producing with model Frida Aasen filmed by Sean and Seng.

Monkey glory yo.


Let’s take a jet plane I say


Hello you wonderful humans you.

I must apologise for my lack of communication recently. Break ups are THEE worst.

Friends and lots of loving have got me through,  not to mention uhh I’M LEAVING FOR EUROPE IN A WEEK.

That’s right bitches. My first point of interest is Portimao, Portugal (as seen above)

Let’s get tropical


I’m jet setting off my with best gurlll for 3 months with the hope of finding some werk werk over there, so if you’re reading this, and you know of anything, hollaaaa.


S, x

Oh, Alexander






Alright…let’s talk, stare, jaw drop and applaud the greatness that is Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 14 campaign.

FINALLY, the campaign was released in full as of yesterday and man did I just die.

Featuring model Anna Ewers, shot by Steven Klein and styled by Karl Templer, it’s set up in a beat-up bathroom stall in The Old School in Soho.

The campaign expresses perfectly the essence of his 90’s nostalgia-inspired collection (which we can all agree was the era of ‘I’m too cool’ cool)

“Since the spring-summer 2014 collection plays on the duality of naivete and perverse explicitness in youth culture, we wanted to shoot the campaign in a very familiar environment most people grow up reminiscing about” Wang told WWD

This campaign screams the cool-kids on the block, skipping class and poppin’ bubbles

In a furry of finger typing and searching the minute I heard it had been released, my eyes discovered this and my heart, literally, skipped a beat. People probably think I’m nuts given my reaction, but when you love something, you LOVE it.

Wang is undoubtedly one of my favourite designers (although, and I say this with such a heavy heart, he didn’t blow me away this with his AW Brooklyn based show this season) and I am obsessed with everything that he does.

He’s really the perfect success story of young designer exploding onto the fashion scene, stealing every fashionista’s hearts with his urban cool, modern, minimalist approach to his clothing.

S, x

P.s. Can we just talk about those pastel platforms for a second?